NHL star speaks out after receiving death threats towards him and his family

Published January 9, 2024 at 2:42 PM
In the midst of the controversy, Kevin Hayes addressed the situation regarding false claims linking him to Cutter Gauthier's decision not to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers. Expressing frustration and disbelief, Hayes strongly refuted the accusations, calling them "complete bullshit."

Hayes took issue with the individuals spreading false information, stating:

"I think those two guys acted like complete pieces of shit, to be honest, making shit up." The fallout from the fabricated story has taken a toll on Hayes, leading to disturbing threats. He shared, "Now, I'm going to bed and waking up with death threats and people want my family dead."

The situation has escalated to a point where Hayes is dealing with severe consequences, as he revealed:

"And people that are happy that my brother's dead. I think it's completely insane that this guy can say something like that." Hayes expressed his incredulity at the notion that he could have such influence, saying, "Who the fuck am I to have influence on if a kid plays for an NHL team or not? I don't have that influence."

The ordeal has taken an emotional toll on Hayes, highlighting the potential repercussions of false information in the age of social media.

As he navigates this challenging situation, the hockey community watches closely, emphasizing the need for responsible reporting and the consequences of spreading unfounded rumors.
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NHL star speaks out after receiving death threats towards him and his family

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