NHL Team Under Fire For Canceling Their Pride Appreciation Night

Published January 28, 2023 at 4:17 PM

The NHL has been doing everything possible to get more people who might not of had interest in hockey for whatever reason to reconsider and check out our great sport. They've tried to do there best with the "Hockey Is For Everyone" campaign, that tries to target racism as well as people's sexual preferences.

Whether or not you agree with it, the NHL has come under fire after Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Ivan Provorov refused to participate in the Flyers' warmups due to not wanting to wear the Flyers' pride jerseys due to his religion.


It's been a hot topic, with those of the LGBTQ community feeling offended Provorov didn't take part, while there's been plenty of those who supported Provorov's decision feeling that players and fans are being forced to support this when People's sexual preferences shouldn't have anything to do with hockey.

It looks like now the New York Rangers have tried everything in their powers to prevent any issues in New York after their Pride Game night sweaters were just avoided.

The New York Rangers sent out a email Friday to the Vegas Golden Knights informing them the Rangers players would be wearing pride themed jerseys as well as pride themed tape for the game.


Except out of no where, things changed for some reason and the Rangers didn't do either. This causes New York Post and Rangers Insider Mollie Walker to investigate to why the plans didn't happen last minute? They canceled the pride appreciation night moments before the game started?

One player told the Post he just saw the regular Lady Liberty jersey hanging in his locker and did not know why the Rangers did not wear the originally planned warm-ups, which they have worn in the past. "In solidarity with those who continue to advocate for inclusivity."

- Mollie Walker New York Post

It's not confirmed but Walker believes after some Rangers players seen the pride jerseys they wanted to follow in the aforementioned foot steps of Ivan Provorov. But instead of wanting to point fingers at the player or players that didn't want to participate, the Rangers just decided as a whole to not do it all together.

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NHL Team Under Fire For Canceling Their Pride Appreciation Night

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