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Melanie Bedard takes action to get away from the Corey Perry rumors

Published November 29, 2023 at 3:49 PM

There's been a lot of talk about Corey Perry lately. The Chicago Blackhawks put him on waivers, and officially terminated his contract today due to 'disturbing, unacceptable behaviour'.

Social Media Stir with Melanie Bedard

Things got messier when people started saying Perry was involved with Melanie Bedard, Connor Bedard's mom. Social media, like Reddit and the old Twitter, was full of rumors about them.

The team's GM, Kyle Davidson, shut down the rumors fast. He said no other players or their families were involved, calling the rumors untrue and awful.

Melanie Bedard's Reaction to Corey Perry rumours

Melanie Bedard, at the center of it all, seems to be trying to get away from the drama. She deactivated her Instagram, probably to escape the comments and messages. It's hard to imagine what she's going through.


Insiders and GM Davidson are saying nothing happened between Perry and Melanie Bedard. Perry's actions, whatever they were, seem to be something the Blackhawks want to distance themselves from, especially given the team's history.

As Melanie Bedard tries to avoid the constant attention, it's not easy. With Perry, her son, and herself making headlines nonstop, it shows how social media can affect people and their families.


Perry has issued an official statement, and it can be found below:

Click here to view Perry's official statement released Thursday
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Melanie Bedard takes action to get away from the Corey Perry rumors

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