Matvei Michkov knows the Bedard family is empathic and classy

Published September 12, 2023 at 0:21

With Matvei Michkov being loaned back to HC Sochi in the KHL, he will have a connection in Vancouver if necessary.

While Connor and his family have been competitors in the IIHF and have undoubtedly clashed often, they can put the game aside and show empathy.

«His family came up to methey told me if I ever come to [Vancouver] I have a home to stay," revealed Michkov.

An insight into conversations with the Bedard family was provided by the Philadelphia Flyers draft pick.

Connor's generosity has been on display throughout this post-season and is an example of how the Bedard family operates.

"I told him (Bedard) you aren't likely to be in Russia but if you are any time you have my number l'm always happy to see you," said Michkov.

They both offered to open their homes to one another if need be, or if one of them is just visiting Canada or Russia. The respect and admiration they have for one another will undoubtedly lead to an even deeper friendship in the future.

Even though the act of kindness is to be admired, it won't prevent the Flyers and Hawks from building their rivalry in the future.

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Matvei Michkov knows the Bedard family is empathic and classy

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