Mackenzie Weegar Smashes Stick & Tells Referee «F*ck You» (VIDEO)

Published April 20, 2022 at 6:11 PM

The Florida Panthers are a very red hot team in the National Hockey League and is currently tied for first overall in the league with 55 wins in 76 games played, totalling a unreal win % if .763%.

The success has been produced by each and every player, even the depth players having been playing a huge role-one being Mackenzie Weegar. In last nights game the Florida Panthers were battling the referees all game, and also completed a comeback. Florida finally got a powerplay with minutes remaining, until it was over when Weegar took a questionable penalty, and let his frustration loose getting handed a 10 minute misconduct.

It was later on stated by the Florida Play-by-play announcers what Weegar said to the referee, and it was not too pretty.

April 20   |   148 answers
Mackenzie Weegar Smashes Stick & Tells Referee «F*ck You» (VIDEO)

Do you think Weegars words and smashing his stick in Tuesdays game was worth a 10 minute major?

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Heck no!8658.1 %
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