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Line Options for Connor Bedard With the Chicago Blackhawks

Published September 11, 2023 at 6:51 PM

In the weeks leading up to the Chicago Blackhawks' training camp starting on September 21st, coaches and leadership will have the opportunity to try out different combinations in order to find the one that works best for Connor Bedard.

As John Paddock pointed out, Bedard needs a consistently high-level playmaker on his line, along with a player who can create space. The situation presents some interesting combinations. What do they do?

A possible line combination would be Connor Bedard, Tyler Johnson, and Taylor Raddysh. The former Stanley Cup winner has a positive influence on other rookies on the team, such as Cole Guttman, who has grown into a consistent player under Johnson's tutelage.

Having played on the same line with Jonathan Toews and Jason Dickinson last season, Raddysh and Johnson also have chemistry. As well as being one of the best at creating offense, they also scored six goals and created 102 chances, ranking them 7th on the team. In this scenario, Raddysh could create space physically, and Johnson could act as an effective playmaker.

In addition to Philip Kurashev, Lukas Reichel would make a great linemate for Bedard. When they played together with Andreas Athanasiou, Kurashev was an outstanding playmaker on that same line. Despite lacking a traditional two-way player like Taylor Raddysh, it could still be a line with proven offensive success.

Another option, which might be the best, would be to pair Bedard with Taylor Hall and Taylor Raddysh. The team may pair Hall and Bedard, since Hall is a mentor for Bedard, not to mention he's capable of playing on both sides if necessary, giving them more creative options. Bedard's skillset would be maximized by pairing him with Hall and Raddysh, who are both physical players.

Additionally, Ryan Donato and Taylor Hall could also be considered. Hall and Bedard would be reliable on offense. A versatile player, Donato has proven he can play up or down the lines on both the bottom and top lines. Like Sam Lafferty, Donato has an excellent work ethic and a proven ability to deliver.

On October 10th, a new era in Chicago will begin and it will be fascinating to see what teammates Bedard will be paired with.

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Line Options for Connor Bedard With the Chicago Blackhawks

Who do you think Connor Bedard's linemates will be?

Taylor Hall- Taylor Raddysh7448.4 %
Taylor Raddysh- Tyler Johnson2415.7 %
Ryan Donato- Taylor Hall2818.3 %
Philip Kurashev-Lukas Reichel2717.6 %
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