Kaner gets some luck from Sharpie

Published February 4, 2022 at 11:12

Former Chicago Blackhawks LW Patrick Sharp, has been 'between the benches' while enjoying his 2nd life with NBC Sports. Sharp had an amazing career, playing for the Flyers, Hawks and Stars. He played for 15 seasons in the NHL (just short of 1000 games), accumulating 287 goals and 333 assists. In the Hawks first cup in 2010, he had 22 points. During their 2013 Championship, he had 16.

When recently asked about his 2nd career on the TV side, Sharp kept it humble:

'To be honest, this wasn't something I thought I would do right away, or even do at all,' said Sharp, who has slid into a new role this season as a Blackhawks studio analyst for NBC Sports Chicago and, occasionally, the national NBC Sports Network. 'I'm still pretty uncomfortable when the red (camera) light's on, but at least I feel like I'm getting a little better.'

Perhaps Kane can chat with him every game, as it seems like the Hawks can use whatever luck they can get.

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