Kane and Bedard shared same adversity as kid and it's scarily similar

Published May 17, 2023 at 11:22

In the 21st century, having the ability to be resilient is crucial to have to be drafted into the NHL. Two players have shown this ability who are former Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane an up and coming Blackhawks superstar Connor Bedard.

Both players have shared a unique situation that defies all odds. Both guys, when they reached the age of 12 broke their wrists. With this injury, they had to reinvent the way they shoot the puck.

Both players are connected by their determination and refuse to let this injury ruin their dream to play in the NHL.

They both revolutionized the art of shooting, developing unique techniques that took advantage of their lower-body strength and enhanced their accuracy and release. Bedard's ability to generate power from his legs and torso, combined with his quick hands, allowed him to deliver lightning-fast shots with pinpoint precision. Similarly, Kane's exceptional balance and body control enabled him to unleash deceptive and unpredictable shots, catching goaltenders off guard.

It remains how Bedard will play in the NHL, as he will be playing against men rather than boys.

He will become the new cornerstone of the team as general manager Kyle Davidson begins his rebuilding phase it will find players that will help complement Bedard and give the Blackhawks a chance to become a contender once again.

The NHL Entry Draft will be on June 28th and 29th.
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Kane and Bedard shared same adversity as kid and it's scarily similar

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