Jacob Trouba Suspension Incoming?

Published May 31, 2022 at 1:22

It's clear people are debating on New York Rangers defenceman Jacob Trouba and his hit tally. While everyone loves to see good clean hits many fans believe Trouba's hits are very questionable at best.

In a winner take all game 7 the Hurricanes lost focus after 7:32 into the first period when Trouba would take out one of the Hurricanes top players Seth Jarvis with a hit that led Jarvis to crawl to the bench. Jarvis was forced to leave and didn't return.

"It seems like he could turn the tide for us when we need it. There were maybe one or two big [hits] that everyone kind of sees, but there are many more that wear guys down. I don't think anyone likes to get hit. Especially by someone like him.» - Adam Fox on Jacob Trouba

Trouba took out Sidney Crosby with a questionable hit that turned the tide for the Rangers in the first round and looks like that trend continues as the Rangers will now face the 2 time defending Stanley cup champions in the Eastern Conference finals. But will Trouba be in the lineup Wednesday or Suspended?

May 31   |   170 answers
Jacob Trouba Suspension Incoming?

Should Jacob Trouba be suspended?

Yes9052.9 %
No5230.6 %
He's reckless2816.5 %
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