Is Connor Bedard not the top hockey prospect in the world?

Published August 11, 2023 at 10:38

The Arizona Coyotes never cease to amaze me. Having observed this team transition from Winnipeg in 1996 to becoming the Coyotes, it's clear that year after year, and even decade after decade, there seems to be no end to the comedy routine that defines the way this team is managed.

The NHL and the organization have attempted numerous strategies to make things work, yet success continues to elude them. Their most recent setback occurred in the city of Tempe, where their proposal for a multibillion-dollar arena deal was outright rejected.

The team has consistently flouted the salary cap, resulting in them serving as a repository for other teams' bad contracts. Now, they've managed to make one of the most bewildering statements I've ever come across.

Just this week, the Coyotes organization was in the process of scouting a new site to construct their long-troubled arena in the community of Mesa. In their announcement, the team outlined their plans for a rebuilding phase and made a remarkable claim that they possess the world's top prospect in Logan Cooley.

"We, as devoted and passionate fans, are incredibly enthusiastic about our team and the remarkable additions we've made this summer, which include the acquisition of the best prospect in the world, Logan Cooley."
Arizona Coyotes

To release such a statement during an official press release strikes me as somewhat ludicrous. While Logan Cooley is undoubtedly a talented player – for instance, during his time with the US national U18 team in 2022, he participated in 51 games, registering 27 goals and 48 assists for a total of 75 points – it appears more as an attempt to boost the image of an organization desperately seeking a new home.

No disrespect to Mr Cooley but Bedard is by far the top prospect in the world currently.

I believe that both Connor Bedard and Logan Cooley will soon become household names among NHL fans due to their exceptional talents.
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Is Connor Bedard not the top hockey prospect in the world?

Who is the better prospect?

Connor Bedard14090.3 %
Logan Cooley159.7 %
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