Four Pro Hockey Players Stopped to Save a Mans Life After He Was on a Bridge Contemplating The Worst

Published December 2, 2022 at 10:29

A tremendous story just broke the news earlier on this Friday morning, which took place earlier this week.

The Brandon Sun's author Perry Bergson published a story that truly shows the leadership roles the game of hockey can develop for individuals

Four hockey players from the WHL leagues' Brandon Wheat Kings, by the name of Calder Anderson, Nolan Ritchie, Ben Thornton and Edmonton Oilers prospect Jake Chiasson all saved a mans life.

The four were driving around the city after leaving a friend house on Tuesday, and RItchie saw the man standings on top of the bridge, he realized what was going on and Calder Anderson stepped out of the car to see what was going on, while Jake Chiasson phoned the local authorities.

According to Bergson's report through the Brandon Sun news paper, there was 10 feet between Anderson and the other individual, another person also showed up on the other side of the bridge to ensure his safety.

Calder Anderson stated the man on the bridge agreed to have a talk with him, and the mans stress was more relief after hearing what Anderson had to say. The man reportedly got unsettled at times and was just inches from jumping off, Anderson wanted to make an attempt to grab the man and pull him back away from the edge but feared it would make matters worse and potential lead to the man falling off.

They stayed and chatted with the individual until the local authorities, where they then secured the man who was going through a hard time. Local authorities stated the man seemed to be doing fine after going through treatment following the incident.

''Anderson told Bergson the car ride home after the incident was a quiet one as they processed what occurred, wondering what could have happened had they witnessed the man jumping off the bridge.The four players are between the ages of 18 and 20, with Ritchie serving as one of the team's captains, and Chiasson acting as an alternate. The Wheat Kings have an 8-15-2 record in 25 games in the WHL this season.'' Said Perry Bergson.

''Four @bdnwheatkings @TheWHL players — Jake Chiasson, Calder Anderson, Nolan Ritchie and Ben Thornton — helped save a suicidal man's life Tuesday evening when they stopped to see if he was OK.
As cars sped by, they stepped up.

Click Here --> News report from Dailyfaceoff on the four players who saved a mans life <-- to read the full news report..
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Four Pro Hockey Players Stopped to Save a Mans Life After He Was on a Bridge Contemplating The Worst

Is this just another example as to why hockey players are the best leaders?

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