Former Blackhawks star missing again in HHOF inductions.

Published June 22, 2023 at 1:39

With the NHL season in playoffs now in the rearview mirror, it has become awards season as the NHL begins to recognize the talent and individual accolades that players deserve recognition.

Between the NHL awards themselves and the Hockey Hall of Fame inductees, recognition is everywhere.

For the 2023 inductees, the NHL announced seven names today including former goaltenders Henrik Lundqvist, Mike Vernon, and Tom Barrasso. They also nominated Pierre Turgeon, Caroline Ouelette and in the builders' category the late general manager Pierre Lacroix and former NHL head coach Ken Hitchcock.

Following the announcement of the inductees, another debate ensues regarding who should be inducted and who has not been nominated. The debate continues to rage on to former Blackhawks star Steve Larmer is still not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Larmer was drafted by the Blackhawks in 1980 in the sixth round 120 pick overall. During his time in the NHL, he spent most of his career with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Larmer's numbers were a model of consistency. He had numerous 30 and forty-goal seasons, well over 80 to 90 points multiple times. He was a fixture on the power play and was an excellent defensive player.

A player like Larmer should have been inducted many years ago since the Hall of Fame recognizes individual talent and not winning a Stanley Cup.

Larmer certainly gave Blackhawks fans much to cheer about and he should have his rightful place in the Hall of Fame shortly.
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Former Blackhawks star missing again in HHOF inductions.

Should Steve Larmer be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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