First female referee set to break the barrier for the NHL

Published January 25, 2024 at 3:01 PM

NHL Hints at First Female Official

In recent news, the NHL suggests it might have its first female official working a game soon.

Throughout history, the NHL called its officials referees and linesmen, mainly consisting of men. Now, there's a change in how they refer to linesmen, using the term 'linesperson'.

NHL insider Marc Spector speculates this shift could mean introducing the first female official.

Spector shared this thought on social media, raising the possibility that Kirsten Welsh, a promising AHL linesperson, might be about to break this significant barrier.


So, here's something new on the NHL game sheets these days. Linespersons. Does this portend that Kirsten Welsh, a promising AHL "linesperson" is soon to break the barrier as an NHL official? Stay tuned...

This potential move marks a notable step for the NHL, recognizing the skills and worth of female officials like Welsh. As the league progresses, we'll see if this change truly reflects a move forward or is just symbolic.
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First female referee set to break the barrier for the NHL

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