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Detroit Red Wings come forward with crucial health update on Patrick Kane

Published December 6, 2023 at 6:47 PM

In a significant health update, former Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, now with the Detroit Red Wings, faces a crucial moment in his NHL return after signing a contract almost two weeks ago.

Kane, at 35, underwent hip resurfacing surgery, and concerns arose when he was pulled from the lineup in the last game against the Buffalo Sabres due to difficulty keeping up with the fast-paced NHL game. Kane expressed:

"These guys are 25 games into the season. The intensity is ramped up, and everyone's kind of at the top of their game. I'm just trying to find that as quickly as possible."

After being ruled out for the game against the Sabres, Kane appeared winded and could not keep up to the pace of an NHL practice. Now, a few days later, the team issued a vital update stating that Kane feels 100% healthy and ready to make his Detroit Red Wings debut for the 2023 season. He will officially return to action on Thursday against the San Jose Sharks at Little Caesars Arena.

Kane had hip resurfacing surgery on June 1 and signed a one-year, $2.75 million contract with the Red Wings on Nov. 28. The recovery period for this surgery is typically 4-6 months, making his swift return noteworthy. Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde emphasized the team's commitment to ensuring Kane's success, stating,

"We'll be smart about minutes, but we'll also be smart about who we play him with, give him an opportunity to succeed."

Kane expressed his excitement about getting back on the ice, acknowledging the challenges of adjusting to the game speed. He reflected on his career, stating:

"I feel like throughout my career, I've always been a guy that's been counted on to, whether it's score goals for the team or provide offense or be good in pressure moments and in the biggest moments of the game, so I'm trying to have fun with that a little bit more."

This return marks a pivotal moment for Kane, his team, and fans eagerly anticipating his comeback to the NHL.

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Detroit Red Wings come forward with crucial health update on Patrick Kane

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