Derek King makes a hilarious joke about Dylan Strome's role with the Hawks

Published February 12, 2022 at 7:57

It's no secret that Jeremy Colliton wasn't a fan of Dylan Strome, he ultimately did everything he could to find ways to leave Strome out of the lineup. But when Jeremy Colliton was fired in November, not only did give the Blackhawks a new lease on life, it also gave Dylan Strome the same.

When Colliton was fired Dylan Strome had 1 point and had only found his way into 5 NHL games at that point in the season. Once King was hired though, Dylan Strome became a regular in the Hawks lineup. Strome has played 29 games since King's hiring and he's responded to the support from his new coach in a big way. In the 29 games since King's hiring, Strome has 19 points including 8 goals.

Today during Derek King's media availability he was asked about Strome's recent surge, which could likely increase the forwards trade value. King, who has definitely made friends with Chicago media jokingly replied the following, "I should sit him down a little bit, make him stick around here."

King quickly made sure everyone knew he was kidding as he concluded his answer by saying, "But I would never do that... If he's here again, great. If not, we'll wish him luck."

It's great to have such an awesome coach here in Chicago who not only played in the NHL, but knows how to handle players who might need that little extra nudge.
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