Dear Santa: a Blackhawks Fans' Christmas Wishlist

Published December 25, 2022 at 0:44

Dear Santa,

I know by now you've already made most of your rounds around the world delivering toys and gifts to everyone. I hope Blackhawks fans this Christmas have received extra gifts as it's been a pretty bleak year as a Blackhawks fan. As for Blues fans, well, be sure to leave them extra coal. All the gifts received are amazing and appreciated, but on behalf of the Blackhawks fan base, I have a few last minute Christmas ideas for you.

1. Connor Bedard: Santa, Bedard is a very dynamic player. He's the type of player that can become the face of a franchise and turn around their struggles on the ice. Connor Bedard would be a huge boost to the rebuilding Hawks and could give the Hawks their next franchise player for fans of all sorts to represent with a jersey.

2. Kane & Toews stay a Hawk: Santa, Blackhawks fans love Toews and Kane. Toews and Kane (Tazer) have been the face of this franchise for the last decade and they're a large part as to why hawks fans buy tickets. Seeing either of them in a jersey that doesn't have Chief Blackhawk on the front will be heartbreaking. I know trading them can help the rebuild, but fans would much rather see them wear a Hawks jersey for their entire career.

3. Madhouse on Madison sign: I'm not sure if you remember, Santa, but once upon a time the United Center had big light up red letters that spelt out «Madhouse on Madison.» They've been missing for quite a while now and I'm not sure where those letters are. However, if you could please reinstall them or leave them in my living room, that'd be super.

4. Madhouse on Madison Energy: The energy within the United Center has not been the same that it was 10 years ago. I understand the team is not competitive anymore and that's the main reason the energy isn't as potent, but if we could go back to the days of having a sell out streak and fans losing their mind every time the Hawks score a goal, that would also be much appreciated. Blackhawks fans love when Chelsea Dagger annoys other fanbases.

5. The Stanley Cup: I can't think of a better Christmas present than the Stanley Cup. The shiniest, only traveling pro sports trophy, is simply one of the best - if not the best - prizes in pro sports. Nothing is better than watching the Stanley Cup get skated across the ice by the Blackhawks. I know this year isn't the year, but maybe next year is! Or the year after that year!

I know I'm asking for a lot Santa, but perhaps you could make it happen! You can do it! To Blackhawks fans and all hockey fans (except Blues and Predators fans), Merry Christmas!
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Dear Santa: a Blackhawks Fans' Christmas Wishlist

Which item from this list do you want for Christmas?

Bedard3741.6 %
Kane/Toews Stay2831.5 %
Madhouse on Madison energy1011.2 %
Stanley Cup1415.7 %
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