Corey Perry traded to the Edmonton Oilers? Recent reports suggest that might just be what's unfolding

Published November 23, 2023 at 5:39 PM

Amid the tough times for the Edmonton Oilers, reporter Ryan Rishaug shares insights into General Manager Ken Holland's efforts to make big changes. Rishaug notes that, except for their first-round pick and the core duo of 29 (Draisaitl) and 97 (McDavid), all options are open. The Oilers are actively seeking solutions, considering prospects, second-rounders, and roster players. Rishaug suggests they look for positive additions, like players with playoff experience, physicality, toughness, and positive locker room presence.

Rishaug said, "All eyes are on Ken Holland right now. My sense is, outside their first-round pick, all options (29,97 aside) are in play to find a fix. Prospects, 2nd rounders, roster players, all on the table."

Corey Perry's Mystery Absence exposed?

Simultaneously, a cloud of mystery surrounds Chicago Blackhawks forward Corey Perry, leaving fans and media puzzled about his sudden absence from recent games and practices. Perry was unexpectedly scratched against the Columbus Blue Jackets, with Head Coach Luke Richardson citing it as an organizational decision. Perry's absence from Thursday's practice deepens the intrigue.

Also, Petr Mrazek, the Blackhawks' starting goaltender, was absent from morning skate with no explanation provided by management and will not be starting their next game. The Oilers need a goaltender. Richardson remained tight-lipped about the situation, saying, "I know you have questions about Corey Perry not playing last night and attending practice today, but we're going to keep that internal in the organization right now. I'm not going to be able to answer any more questions on that."

Oilers Reportedly Eyeing Down a Cup Champ

Any of these elements would be a positive add, said Oilers reporter Rishaug:

Cup experience
Positive locker room presence/energy

Ironically, all three of those boxes are checked off by Corey Perry with ease.

Adding to the speculation, Blackhawks veteran Nick Foligno addressed the media, hinting at Perry's absence and potentially leaking a trade. Foligno's statement:

"We just know he's not with us. Haven't gotten any details. It's unfortunate. He's a big part of this; we will miss him, we've got a lot of young guys, so it's kind of a shock at first, but it's been a pro we talk about it, and this is an opportunity to do that. It's the outside noise that you have to push away."

This statement implies that the Blackhawks may be navigating through a significant trade involving Perry, who possesses valuable playoff experience, making him an ideal fit for the Edmonton Oilers.
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Corey Perry traded to the Edmonton Oilers? Recent reports suggest that might just be what's unfolding

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