Connor Bedard's recent interview is going viral fand you won't believe why

Published November 12, 2023 at 10:34

There is something to be said when watching the future face of the NHL give an interview and be completely humble while doing so.

In his brief NHL career, Connor Bedard is showing the NHL fan base that he is ready for this challenge and continues to display his professionalism and humbleness, being one of the quiet leaders in the room.

During his interview with NBC Sports Chicago after the Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3, Bedard was asked about his four-point night, which included two goals scored. Bedard held steadfast and explained how his teammates were the reason why the team won the game and he benefited from their strong play.

As the interview continued, Bedard was asked about the solid start by the Blackhawks after beating several teams with better records. Bedard quickly stated that he hoped several of his teammates were okay due to possible injuries.

It seems that no matter which interview he does or which network he's on, the North Vancouver native continues to impress with his concentration on his teammates, his team, and the city he plays for.

This player is a real gem, and if Kyle Davidson, the general manager of the Blackhawks, handles this rebuild correctly, I expect the Blackhawks to come out of the basement rapidly and become a playoff team soon.
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Connor Bedard's recent interview is going viral fand you won't believe why

Will the Blackhawks be a playoff team in 2 seasons?

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