Connor Bedard is already breaking NHL records 8 games into the regular season!

Published October 28, 2023 at 6:19 PM

Connor Bedard has a lot on his shoulders, having been drafted first overall in 2023. For anyone, the narrative of him saving the Chicago Blackhawks franchise is daunting.

Is it possible for anyone alone to save anything? Despite the fact that he may not be able to save the Blackhawks from not being contenders, he still serves a useful purpose.


Early on in his NHL career, he's been a huge contributor, so much so that he's already broken an NHL record.

A total of 5 points were scored by Bedard during the first 8 games of the NHL season. He scored his third goal of the season last night against the Vegas Golden Knights.

His two goals against the Stanley Cup champions made him the first 18-year-old to do so.

Connor Bedard scored his second goal in as many meetings against the defending #StanleyCup champions – a feat never before achieved by an 18-year-old.

He has received enormous attention due to his special permission to play in the WHL at the age of 15. In the lead-up to the NHL draft, the media spotlight has grown on him, making it remarkable that he hasn't buckled. However, he's now 8 games in his NHL career and seems to be holding his own.

Despite the pressure, he remains consistent with 3 goals and 2 assists early on in his NHL career.

An honest Connor Bedard on all the attention he gets: «It's been pretty wild. Ever since before camp-ish, it's been crazy. But it's not something I look at as a negative at all. I'm really grateful to be in the position I am and there's very few people that get that opportunity, get to be as lucky. I'm looking at it like that. I'm living out a dream and I feel very fortunate for that. But it is crazy and busy. I'm human too; I can get a little tired. But it's been good and I'm just enjoying it.»

Will Bedard achieve 40 goals this season?

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Connor Bedard is already breaking NHL records 8 games into the regular season!

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