Connor Bedard Causing Havoc in Team Canada's Locker Room

Published December 28, 2022 at 1:38 PM

It became clear to Team Canada that winning the World Junior Hockey Championships again would be challenging. The Canadian team's roster was regarded by Hockey Insiders as one of the best ever, but the Czechs dealt the players a severe reality check.

With pressure applied early on, the Canadian team gave the Czech Republic a run for their money, with captain Shane Wright scoring the first goal. Unfortunately, team Canada made too much of an effort to score goals that belong on highlight reels, including two attempts of the move, the Michigan in the first period.

On Team Canada's roster and top prospect for the Arizona Coyotes, Dylan Guenther, called out Connor Bedard and Adam Fantilli for repeatedly attempting the Michigan move without any mercy:

«We're not going to ‘Michigan' our way to the final.» - Canada's Dylan Guenther.''

He wasn't done there, he went more in depth about useless ''toe-drags'' which can be seen below, a move which was attempted by Bedard several times in the Canada's recent loss.


A true mess in Canada's locker room, they are set to face off against Germany today, and will let their frustration out against them.
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Connor Bedard Causing Havoc in Team Canada's Locker Room

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