Colton Dach May be the Dach We Are Looking For

Published April 16, 2022 at 11:48

A few years ago, hopes were riding high that Kirby Dach would be the next elite center to lead the Chicago Blackhawks. He looked great in his rookie campaign, but after a wrist injury, he hasn't quite looked the same. No one is writing Kirby off, but his high draft choice is coming under more scrutiny.

Last year, the Chicago Blackhawks drafted Colton Dach (C/LW) in the second round with the 62nd overall pick. Like his brother Kirby, Colton is big. He is 6'4" tall and weighs 205 pounds. He is young at 19 years old, but he is making a case to get a chance with the Blackhawks. Colton currently plays for the Kelowna Rockets.
Right now Colton Dach is on fire. In his last 10 games, Colton has 21 points- eight goals and 13 assists. In his last five games, he has four goals and eight assists. The kid is demanding to be looked at.
The year is nearly over for the Blackhawks, so he won't be given a chance this year, but I would not be surprised to see him get a look early next year, and maybe even start the year in Rockford. Only time will tell, but we need to keep our eye on the other Dach brother.

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Colton Dach May be the Dach We Are Looking For

Where will Colton Dach be to start next season?

Rockford5758.2 %
Kelowna99.2 %
Chicago2323.5 %
Other99.2 %
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