Chicago Blackhawks Eyeing Down Popular NHL Enforcer Via Trade to Protect Connor Bedard

Published November 7, 2023 at 11:52

Enforcer Defenseman for the Blackhawks?

The Columbus Blue Jackets find themselves with a surplus of defensemen, and one particular name has started to make waves in the trade rumors – Erik Gudbranson. While multiple teams may be considering him, there's one intriguing possibility for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Chicago Blackhawks: A Playoff-Style Fit

The Chicago Blackhawks are no strangers to acquiring players with a physical, enforcer-style game that suits the intensity of playoff hockey. This approach has served them well over the years. Erik Gudbranson, known for his rugged play and ability to protect the crease, could be a seamless addition to the Blackhawks' roster.

Moreover, the Blackhawks have a knack for making these acquisitions and then leveraging them at the trade deadline for substantial returns. It's a strategy that's been part of their playbook, and it could be precisely what they need to protect and nurture rising star Connor Bedard.

If Chicago were to acquire Gudbranson, he could provide solid defensive support, instilling a sense of security in their lineup. When the trade deadline approaches, the Blackhawks could then explore the option of trading him to a contender, capitalizing on his value and potentially securing assets that further bolster their future.

In essence, this move could be a win-win scenario – Gudbranson could protect Connor Bedard during his time with the Blackhawks, and Chicago could have a shot at a Stanley Cup while leveraging Gudbranson's trade value. Given Columbus's situation, this might be the ideal opportunity for Gudbranson to transition to a more competitive environment. It's a story worth following as the trade deadline approaches.

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Chicago Blackhawks Eyeing Down Popular NHL Enforcer Via Trade to Protect Connor Bedard

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