Chicago Blackhawks Comic Captions - April 2022

Published April 30, 2022 at 5:11 PM

Have you ever looked at a sports photo and thought of a funny caption? We have, and did a collection of some for the 2021–22 Chicago Blackhawks season during April. We have collected some photos with humorous captions added to entertain you as this season ends... at least in Chicago. Let's take a look and have some fun!

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"I appreciate your help Matt, but I GOT THIS!"

Jonathan Toews, forward, Chicago Blackhawks

Toews, who just turned 34 yesterday has to be thinking about how his game has started to wind down a bit. This season he only managed 12 goals, 25 assists in 71 games after missing the entire 2020-21 season. Has he reached his limit as an NHL player, or does he still have it to continue?

The more pertinent question may be, will he be in a Blackhawks' uniform next season? With a rebuild in order, both he and Patrick Kane must be wondering what their future holds. His $10.5 million contract may have a lot to do with him staying in Chicago or moving on to another team.


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"All I told him was that I would kick his ass... it's the truth, and he knows it!"

Reese Johnson, forward, Chicago Blackhawks

Johnson, was not instrumental in scoring for the Hawks... that's the truth! He only tallied one goal, five assists in 37 games. He may find himself around in the midst of the rebuild, since younger players will prevail on the roster.

He could also be sent back to Rockford to work on his game a bit more. He does have complaining about a penalty down pat, however!


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"Noah, NO! I won't be your teddy bear, when are you going to grow up?"

Jake McCabe, defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks

McCabe may seem cuddly to opponents, but that can be assumed by his +/- stat of -28. He was second only to teammate Seth Jones who had a less than attractive -37. Defense did not seem to be a priority for the 2021-22 Hawks.

They were 26th in the NHL on goals allowed coming in with a 3.52 goals allowed per game. With a rebuild in the plans, GM Kyle Davidson has some work to do on improving the team's blueline prowess.

McCabe is making $4 million through the 2024-25 season and he will need to pick up his game to stay relevant. His horrible possession numbers stood out like a sore thumb. He was on the ice 62.7 percent of the time the OTHER team had possession of the puck. That's gotta change!

Blackhawks fans can now look forward to next season along with 15 other NHL teams who are not playing in the postseason.

Next season will be an opportunity to improve and that will certainly involve many changes. We'll see how it all works out.
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Chicago Blackhawks Comic Captions - April 2022

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