Career Changing Bad News For Brad Marchand..

Published May 19, 2022 at 1:08

Brad Marchand is known as the NHL's biggest pest, and he did not get that reputation and name out of no where. From licking players to slew footing and spearing, he's deserved that title.

What Marchand and any other player don't deserve are career changing aspects, and injuries.

Marchand has been hit with news that he'll need hip surgery to continue playing hockey, hip surgery can take up to 6-12 months to recover from and at most time isn't easy to do so.

After recovery the hip still may not be 100% healed and functioning normal which can cause a change in Marchands physical game.

News before it was confirmed:
May 19   |   328 answers
Career Changing Bad News For Brad Marchand..

Will this injury affect Brad Marchands career?

Yes, it affects a lot of players.13240.2 %
No, hell be fine!4513.7 %
Im unsure5817.7 %
Even though I dislike him, hope hes okay!9328.4 %
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