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Blackhawks and Forward Prospect Prepare for Arbitration

Published July 20, 2023 at 2:05 PM

As NHL teams review their rosters and salary caps, it falls on the general manager to manage finances and assemble the best possible 23-man roster.

Additionally, they must ensure the team is ready for the start of the season while adhering to cap regulations. However, dealing with restricted free agents can be challenging, as they often believe their value is higher than what the team offers.

When negotiations reach an impasse, arbitration becomes necessary to settle the salary dispute definitively.

Both the team and the player's agent prefer to avoid arbitration, as it can sour relationships and potentially impact future negotiations.

Unfortunately, Blackhawks prospect forward Phillip Kurashev has filed for arbitration seeking a one-year deal with an average annual value (AAV) of $2.65 million, while the Hawks are aiming for a two-year deal at a lower AAV of $1.4 million. The disagreement has led to an arbitration case, as reported by Scott Powers.

Teams seeking to reduce their AAV hit often opt for longer-term contracts, leveraging the expected rise in salary caps to make the deal more affordable over time.

On the other hand, players aim to maximize their earnings per season, a priority supported by the players' union.

In this case, both parties will likely reach a compromise, finding a middle ground to move forward amicably for the upcoming season. However, arbitration remains a necessary process to resolve contentious disputes and ensure fair compensation for players.
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Blackhawks and Forward Prospect Prepare for Arbitration

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