Blackhawks Writer Uses Bobby Hull's Death to Address His Criminal Acts That May Have Been Forgotten

January 30, 2023  (2:14 PM)

The Chicago Blackhawks announced today that legendary forward Bobby Hull has sadly passed away at the age of 84, the cause of death is currently unknown. While many are mourning the loss of the Blackhawks All-Time leading goal scorer, some are bringing up his past that is quite awful, and includes some gruesome details.

Scott Powers, the lead senior writer for the Chicago Blackhawks of The Athletic honoured Hull's memorable career, but sure didn't let his past be forgotten.
Via Scott Powers, The Athletic: But Hull's history of alleged domestic abuse, racism and antisemitism eventually prompted the Blackhawks to cut ties with him in 2021. Hull had been in the role of team «ambassador» since 2008, frequently attending games, doing voice-overs for video montages and schmoozing sponsors. But the social reckoning that swept the country in recent years came for Hull, too.

Two of Hull's former wives accused him of domestic abuse. In 1987, Hull pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer who tried to break up an argument between Hull and his then-wife, Deborah. Reports from the incident say Hull had a bruise on her head but refused treatment. In a 2002 ESPN «SportsCentury» documentary, his former wife Joanne said that Hull had beaten her during a trip to Hawaii.

His former wife Joanne spoke out during a documentary that took place in 2002, and stated the following:
«I took a real beating there,» she said. «(Bobby) just picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, threw me in the room, and just proceeded to knock the heck out of me. He took my shoe — with a steel heel — and proceeded to hit me in the head. I was covered with blood. And I can remember him holding me over the balcony and I thought this is the end, I'm going.»

Scott Powers also brought up the racial acts Hull performed in 1997, which can be seen below:
Via Scott Powers, The Athletic: In 1997, Hull was quoted by the Russian newspaper The Moscow Times as saying Adolf Hitler «had some good ideas» and that he «just went a little bit too far.» The newspaper also quoted Hull as saying the Black population in the United States was growing too quickly. Hull refuted the quotes in a statement as «false and defamatory.»

The Blackhawks are also receiving backlash on their statement regarding Hull's death, which can be seen below:
Full credit to Scott Powers of The Athletic, you can cure his work below:
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Blackhawks Writer Uses Bobby Hull's Death to Address His Criminal Acts That May Have Been Forgotten

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