Blackhawks' Rebuilding Paves the Way for Prospects

Published August 6, 2023 at 5:43 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks are undergoing a significant rebuilding phase, reminiscent of the time when they drafted Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews many years ago.

General Manager Kyle Davidson has initiated crucial changes to usher in a new era for the team. As the organization seeks to revitalize itself, several promising prospects are vying for a chance to make their mark in the NHL. In this article, we will explore the potential prospects who are likely to make the team this season.

The Blackhawks' lack of a reliable starting goaltender presents a major concern heading into the upcoming season. Among the prospects, Drew Commesso stands out as a strong candidate to step into the role and challenge Petr Mrazek and Arvid Solderblom for the position.

Commesso's impressive performance at Boston University, where he recorded 24 wins with a 2.46 goals-against average and a .911 save percentage, speaks volumes about his potential. Moreover, his entry-level contract, valued at less than $1 million, provides the team with additional cap space, making him a valuable asset. Should Commesso provide solid goaltending and help the team secure wins, he would undoubtedly prove his worth at the NHL level.

Kevin Korchinski, who has showcased his skills with the Seattle Thunderbirds in the WHL and participated in the Memorial Cup last year, appears to be the most likely defenseman to join the Blackhawks this season. Korchinski's ability to graduate from the junior league to the NHL and excel on the blue line is an encouraging sign for the team.

Additionally, Alex Vlasic, the cousin of San Jose Sharks' Marc-Edouard Vlasic, has been with the Blackhawks organization since his selection in the 2019 draft. Vlasic's steady progress as a defenseman suggests he will either secure a place on the team or receive an extended evaluation period, exceeding just a few games.

Colton Dach, younger brother of former Blackhawks forward Kirby Dach, has been displaying great promise while playing with the Ice Hogs. Drafted in the second round of the 2021 NHL draft, Dach is expected to secure a position on the third or fourth lines, playing as a winger or center. His potential as a regular player on the NHL team appears promising, given his current development.

The Blackhawks' rebuilding phase presents an exciting opportunity for several prospects to make their mark in the NHL. Drew Commesso, Kevin Korchinski, Alex Vlasic, and Colton Dach are among the most likely to join the team this season. Ultimately, Head Coach Luke Richardson and his staff will play a crucial role in determining if these players are ready to take on the challenges of professional hockey. With a strong crop of prospects, the Blackhawks can look forward to a bright future as they rebuild their roster for sustained success.
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Blackhawks' Rebuilding Paves the Way for Prospects

Who will make the Hawks full time this season?

Colton Dach3419.8 %
Kevin Korchinski7342.4 %
Alex Vlasic5029.1 %
Drew Commesso158.7 %
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