Blackhawks Player Held Out of Multiple Games Due to The Softest Injury Ever

Published December 14, 2022 at 0:13

The Blackhawks have been rough defensively, and this is a player you would point to for most of the issues.

Defenseman Caleb Jones has been scratched the past couple games. Why? "Muscle tightness." The reason I put it in quotation marks is because I don't think he actually has an injury; he's been bad, and they know it. Luke Richardson doesn't want to embarrass him, so he said the young player has some muscle tightness. Jones came over in the trade where the Hawks sent Duncan Keith over to the Edmonton Oilers.

Caleb has 1 goal and 9 assists, totaling up to 10 points on the season. He has not been good this season. Jones is only 24 years old, but shows no promise to get better and be a star defenseman in the future. His brother, Seth, isn't much better.

He is a low-par defender. Always turning the puck over and is on the ice for almost every opponent's goal (-10). Caleb also fails to know when to shoot, and when he does, the puck always misses the net, and on defense, he is probably one of the worst in the league.

Chicago should trade him when he's young and still on a cheap contract, because the situation is not going to get any better for him. A failed experiment coming out of Edmonton.
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Blackhawks Player Held Out of Multiple Games Due to The Softest Injury Ever

Should the Hawks Trade Both Caleb and Seth Jones?

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