Blackhawks May Need to Lock Rink to Keep Bedard Off the Ice

Published November 14, 2023 at 6:43 PM

Chicago Blackhawks have had mixed results during their first season with Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinkski, with a 5-8-0 record.

It is evident that Kevin Korchinski and Connor Bedard are constantly trying to improve their skills and play on the ice, which makes them a great fit for the Chicago Blackhawks.


Luke Richardson was recently asked by a reporter jokingly if he should lock Bedard and Korchinski out on off days.

In response, Richardson responded that he would have to leave it to Kyle Davidson since he did not have the keys to the rink.

Kevin Korchinski came inside the locker room, fulfilled his media obligations, and then went back on the ice to continue his post-practice work with Connor Bedard. #Blackhawks

The elite skills Bedard has are only a result of his work ethic as well, which involves continuous practice towards excellence.

A similar situation could easily remind one of elite athletes, such as Michael Jordan.

Bedard and Korchinski are driven to be better by the same drive that drove MJ.

Blackhawks are going to have to send a SWAT team to extract Connor Bedard, Wyatt Kaiser, Kevin Korchinski Lukas Reichel and some of the other young guys off the ice after practice here in Denver. Bus is waiting. Corey Perry just came out and yelled, "OK, Connor wins. Let's go!"

Korchinski has the makings of a top-pair defenseman, so their dedication to their craft should eventually pay off. Even then, Luke Richardson wants to make sure they don't burn out during their first year in the NHL.

Continuing to increase their workload without resting on days off would result in the two burning out, Richardson.

Regardless, it is a treat for the Blackhawks to have Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinski in the lineup, in hopes that one day, the team will reach a winning potential once again.
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Blackhawks May Need to Lock Rink to Keep Bedard Off the Ice

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