Binnington vs. Fleury - Goalie Fight? Referee Ruins The Fun

Published March 16, 2023 at 9:20

It was only 4 days ago that San José's Evgeny Svechnikov slashed Minnesota's Marc-André Fleury, repeatedly, causing complete mayhem for a couple of minutes, including a mini-road trip by the Sharks' netminder, Jeremy Reimer. He made it all the way to his own blue line before it was made clear that no goalie fight was going to happen.

After the game, Fleury was asked about the prospect of a goalie fight, as he's never had one in his NHL career. And, it being so close to the post-season, he didn't feel it was the «right time for that.»

Enter Jordan Bininngton.

After scoring, Ryan Hartman clips Binnington as he skated past to celebrate with his teammates. The contentious Blues' goalie took great offense to that, and all heck broke loose. With no Foligno in this game to stand up for Fleury, Fleury took it upon himself to stand up for his buddy, and dropped his gloves. Unfortunately for those wanting that fight, two refs grabbed one goalie, each, and Binnington was ejected. Ryan Hartman got a penalty for his face getting in the way of Jordan's stick.

And then, Twitter exploded.

Currently, with about 6 minutes to go in the 3rd, the Wild are up 8-4. The Blues have 23 PIM, and the Wild have 14.
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Binnington vs. Fleury - Goalie Fight? Referee Ruins The Fun

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