Bedard is "extremely upset" at Blackhawks camp

Published September 28, 2023 at 6:35

During training camp, teams will gather their players for scrimmages.

It's pretty hard to become a generational talent if you don't care what happens on the ice. Enter Connor Bedard, 1st overall pick.

During practice on Sunday, Bedard's team lost a scrimmage on the ice.

«Connor was extremely upset he lost today, which I love. I was looking at him, he's kind of pouting over there.»

ŚNick Foligno on Connor Bedard after today's scrimmage, which Bedard's Team Red lost 6-3

He has made an immediate impact on his teammates, including mentor Nick Foligno. Foligno already views him as a competitor on ice, and his assessment isn't incorrect, since Bedard hates to lose.

Sidney Crosby even predicted that the generational talent would score 170 NHL points one day.

"He wants to be the best player on the ice," added teammate Taylor Hall. "He wants to be mentioned in the (Crosby) category, and I think from watching him in the first few days of camp, he's got the game to do it."

Blackhawks practice ended a while ago but Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinski are still on the ice together, practicing tipping point shots:

The following day, Bedard was seen practicing on the ice with Kevin Korchinski.

There is no denying that Bedard is a real winner, a determined individual.

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Bedard is "extremely upset" at Blackhawks camp

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