Bedard has a great showing at NHL Combine.

Published June 12, 2023 at 2:19

It is an exciting time for NHL teams as the NHL Combine has come and gone meaning the draft is not far behind. The Combine shows the world with the up-and-coming NHL stars can do physically and mentally when put under duress.

It shows us why these players have been touted across all the scouting Staff that they are at the top of their class and what they can do for their teams better looking to draft them.

Connor Bedard, the future NHL superstar, is pegged to go first overall in this draft for the Chicago Blackhawks looked fantastic during his Combine this week. He went through a litany of tests and came out on top.

Despite his size and height 17 years old usually means these players have more room to develop and grow. This kid has what it takes to become an elite player in this league. In 2022-2023 while playing for the Regina paths, his numbers were off the charts and he ended up winning the WHL award for player of the year.

It seems that no matter where Bedard goes, success follows. That is what the Blackhawks hope he will bring to the team once they draft him.

Granted, he will be successful if general manager Kyle Davidson can find him the right mix of players to compliment him and give them a chance to become a competitor again.

The NHL draft will be in Nashville, and it'll be on June 28th and 29th.
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Bedard has a great showing at NHL Combine.

Who draft second overall after Bedard?

Fantilli11463.7 %
Smith116.1 %
Michkov2815.6 %
Carlsson2614.5 %
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