BREAKING: One Team Heavily Pursuing a Patrick Kane Trade

Published August 21, 2022 at 0:20

As time moves forward and Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson continues to trade away key pieces to shape the Hawks rebuild, it becomes less and less likely that we will be seeing Patrick Kane retire as a Chicago Blackhawk.

Kane has had two of his best career seasons with two of his favorite line mates, Artemi Panarin and Alex DeBrincat, both traded away for a utterly disturbing underwhelming return of assets.

News has been revealed that one team is attempting to go all in on Kaner, NHL insider Frank Servalli reports.

The Edmonton Oilers are attempting to bolster their offense even more, with Patrick Kane as
their top target in their pursuit. Phil Kessel is also viewed as an option if the Kane plan falls through. Salary retention would definitely be a part of the deal, as
well as the possibility of a 3rd team to get involved for money purposes.
(Via Frank Seravelli, Gene Principe)

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BREAKING: One Team Heavily Pursuing a Patrick Kane Trade

Will Patrick Kane remain as a Blackhawk for the rest of his career?

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