BREAKING NEWS - The Ottawa Senators Have Been Approved to be Sold

Published August 27, 2023 at 2:41 PM

In a remarkable turn of events, Michael Andlauer, a seasoned businessman at 58, has received the green light from the NHL's executive committee to become the proud owner of the Ottawa Senators. The committee's approval came after Andlauer's meeting with them just last week.

A Major Move in the Making

With the deal set at an impressive $950 million, involving the estate of the late Eugene Melnyk, Andlauer's acquisition of the Senators has taken a significant step forward.

Next Steps Await

The Senators package includes not only the team but also the iconic Canadian Tire Centre and the sprawling 75-acre property in Kanata. The sale now awaits the final stamp of approval from the NHL's board of governors, a decision expected to be unanimous.

Andlauer's familiar face in the NHL scene, particularly as an alternate governor for the Montreal Canadiens, adds a reassuring touch to this transition.

Gearing Up for the Transition

Following a comprehensive auction process, Andlauer's group reached an initial agreement with the Melnyk estate and Galatioto Sports Partners in June. The NHL's thorough examination of Andlauer and his associates has been successfully wrapped up.

Hands-On Approach and Prospective Changes

Andlauer's active involvement in the Senators' transition is apparent, maintaining contact with the board of directors and keeping a line of communication open with GM Pierre Dorion. The impending change in ownership also holds the possibility of the return of Cyril Leeder, a former president, to oversee the business side of the team.

A New Chapter Begins

As the club's former president of business operations, Anthony LeBlanc, steps down, the Senators brace themselves for an exciting new chapter under the ownership of Michael Andlauer.
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BREAKING NEWS - The Ottawa Senators Have Been Approved to be Sold

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