BREAKING: Former NHL General Manager Stan Bowman Spotted in Chicago

Published September 8, 2023 at 4:15 PM

Quenneville and Bowman Address NHL Executives in Chicago

Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman, a coach and a general manager whose careers are intertwined with both triumph and one of the NHL's darkest scandals, took the stage at an O'Hare Airport hotel ballroom in Chicago on Friday. They addressed the league's assembled head coaches and GMs, sharing their experiences and "lessons learned," according to Commissioner Gary Bettman.

An Engaged Audience

Despite their roles in the Chicago Blackhawks' cover-up of an alleged sexual assault by video coach Brad Aldrich on player Kyle Beach during the 2010 playoffs, Quenneville and Bowman captured the rapt attention of the 64 coaches and GMs in attendance. The two have been banned from the league since October 2021.

A Delicate Reinstatement

While they made their case to their fellow GMs and coaches, it's Commissioner Bettman's sole decision whether to reinstate them. Both Quenneville and Bowman have been working behind the scenes to earn their reinstatement. Quenneville has engaged in discussions with hockey activist Brock McGillis about power dynamics and player relations, while Bowman has been quietly collaborating with Sheldon Kennedy's Respect Group for over a year.

Bettman's Decision Looms

The specifics of Quenneville's and Bowman's presentations remain undisclosed, but Bettman emphasized that their presence in Chicago was voluntary and not part of any mandated reinstatement process. He affirmed his responsibility to make a judgment on when or if they should be reinstated.

A Potential Return

Bowman was interviewed for the Calgary Flames' general manager position this past summer, and Quenneville, the second-winningest coach in NHL history, would likely be in high demand if reinstated. The hockey world awaits Commissioner Bettman's decision on whether these two figures will return to the NHL fold.

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BREAKING: Former NHL General Manager Stan Bowman Spotted in Chicago

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