BREAKING - Connor Bedard requests new linemates & the Blackhawks listened

Published November 19, 2023 at 6:58 PM

In response to a request from rising star Connor Bedard, the Chicago Blackhawks have made a significant adjustment to their top line. Bedard expressed his desire to play alongside Lukas Reichel, believing that Reichel's playing style would greatly benefit him on the ice.

«It would be great to be able to play with someone like him [Reichel]. He would make it a lot easier for me out there.» Said Bedard

The team wasted no time in reshuffling their lines to accommodate Bedard's request.

The newly formed top line features a dynamic trio: Connor Bedard, Lukas Reichel, and Philipp Kurashev. The decision was made based on the players' shared understanding of the game, creating a cohesive unit that promises to bring a new level of synergy to the Blackhawks' offensive strategy.

The reconstructed top line is as follows:

Reichel - Bedard - Kurashev

The adjustments extend beyond the top line, with the Blackhawks unveiling a revamped lineup:

Hall - T. Johnson - Raddysh
Foligno - Dickinson - Perry
Donato - Entwistle - R. Johnson

This strategic move not only aligns with Bedard's preference but also aims to enhance the team's overall performance by capitalizing on the shared vision and playing style of the top line trio. Blackhawks fans can anticipate an exciting new dynamic on the ice with this fresh lineup configuration tonight against the Buffalo Sabres.

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BREAKING - Connor Bedard requests new linemates & the Blackhawks listened

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