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BREAKING: Connor Bedard Makes a Major Announcement in Chicago

Published August 11, 2023 at 2:22 PM

In an exciting move, rookie sensation Connor Bedard, who was selected as the first overall pick by the Chicago Blackhawks in this summer's draft, recently took to Instagram to unveil a significant development for the upcoming season.

The young star posted a video revealing his new sponsor, and it's none other than Sherwood hockey. While not the most widely recognized brand, Bedard has officially signed a sponsorship deal with Sherwood, marking a notable step in his budding career.

Bedard's choice of sponsor indicates his confidence in Sherwood's equipment, as he will be relying on their sticks, gloves, skates, and more to enhance his performance on the ice. This partnership showcases the brand's commitment to supporting emerging talent like Bedard and further solidifies his status as a rising star to watch in the NHL.

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BREAKING: Connor Bedard Makes a Major Announcement in Chicago

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