BREAKING: Blackhawks head coach set to receive major fine by the NHL

Published October 31, 2023 at 9:36

The NHL, as an organization, has made it a mandate to protect its referees from abuse and inappropriate behaviour by coaching staff across the league. It is not uncommon for coaches to vent their frustrations on social media or during press conferences when a game does not go in their favour.

During yesterday's game against the Coyotes, head coach Luke Richardson showed no remorse towards the referee when a call did not go his way during the Nick Foligno fight against Liam O'Brien.

Richardson, a former NHL defenseman known for his toughness, essentially dropped the F-bomb on the referee and told him to go away.

It's widely expected that he will face a fine for using those words. Other coaches, including Toronto Maple Leafs' Sheldon Keefe, who has made it a part of his coaching style to berate referees and use profanities, faced a $25,000 fine last year for his conduct during a game involving the St. Louis Blues.

It remains to be seen whether Richardson will face a similar fine, but in my opinion, he will face a penalty.
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BREAKING: Blackhawks head coach set to receive major fine by the NHL

Will Luke Richardson face a fine after telling of a ref?

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