BREAKING: A Historic Hockey Member Has Passed Away and it Shocks The Community

Published August 17, 2023 at 10:35 PM

Rick Jeanneret, the iconic play-by-play voice of the Buffalo Sabres who became a symbol of the team during his impressive 51-year tenure, passed away on Thursday night as announced by the Sabres.

Jeanneret celebrated his 81st birthday on July 23. The exact cause of his passing has not been disclosed.

Known for his energetic style and memorable goal and fight calls, Jeanneret's presence resonated in NHL highlights across North America. Fans often mimic his famous lines, with the unforgettable "May Day, May Day" call of Brad May's 1993 playoff-winning goal standing out. The goal ended Buffalo's decade-long playoff drought.

Starting as a radio broadcast analyst during the 1971-72 NHL season, Jeanneret formed an iconic play-by-play duo with Sabres' long-time voice Ted Darling. Transitioning to full-time television in 1995, he later simulcasted on both radio and TV alongside partners Jim Lorentz, Harry Neale, and Rob Ray.

Jeanneret's broadcasting scope lessened in his final years, with eventual successor Dan Dunleavy taking on more responsibilities. The 2021-22 season marked his farewell to the NHL, fittingly dubbed "RJ's Last Call," celebrated with a year-long highlight reel during broadcasts.
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BREAKING: A Historic Hockey Member Has Passed Away and it Shocks The Community

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