6 lessons the Blackhawks can learn from the Oilers

Published August 15, 2023 at 5:07 PM

To make the Chicago Blackhawks a contender, the front office should learn from the Edmonton Oilers' mistakes and avoid suffering early.

Despite McDavid's promise as a future superstar, the Edmonton Oilers struggled under Peter Chiarelli in his first few seasons in the league.

For example, Connor Bedard shouldn't be subjected to a GM who sacrifices the future for the short term or for "re-tooling," as we call it nowadays. You shouldn't trade future assets for Griffin Reinhart, which becomes Matt Barzal.

Unlike Peter Chiarelli and Milan Lucic, Kyle Davidson didn't sign Nick Foligno and Corey Perry to long-term deals; veterans generally aren't worth it. Here, it seems like the Blackhawks know better. Furthermore, Chiarelli should not have traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson for a cheap price, despite him being a good defenseman.

For Bedard to continue to grow and thrive, he will need Kyle Davidson to maintain a core of amateur scouts who can continue to bring in talent. A bad draft resulted from Chiarelli getting rid of his amateur scouts and relying on just one person during the draft.

All coaches and general managers must be on the same page, especially since they must know how to develop someone properly. Furthermore, change for change's sake is bad business, Chiarelli went Godfather on the Oilers' front office, and instead of getting stability, the front office was hampered by a lack of talent.

Kyle Davidson appears to be taking the right path to avoid making the same mistakes the Edmonton Oilers did.

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6 lessons the Blackhawks can learn from the Oilers

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