12-Year Old Hockey Player Killed During Hockey Practice

Published August 12, 2022 at 3:12 PM

It was just another day of hockey practice for a young 12-year old boy in Russia. The young boy was taking part in training camp sessions ran by and at the school of the KHL's SKA St.Peterburg team.

The young boy was hit with a slapshot from another player of his age group, he was rushed to the hospital but sadly could not be saved by doctors. According to a Russian site sport42.ru, the young boy by the name of Vsevolod Malkov was hit in the heart area when a defenseman from the opposing team attempted a slap-shot on goal.

According to sport42.ru a criminal investigation has been opened with the police about the death, but the father stated he does not put anybody at blame for what took place.

"I do not see any culprits in this, to blame someone, I think, makes no sense. This was purely an accident. It was a common practice, they were playing a minority: five to attack, four to defend," said Igor Malkov. "There was a shot, a defenseman's flick from the blue line, as I was told, I was not present, because parents are not allowed to practice. The puck hit the heart area and there was a cardiac arrest. Further there was resuscitation, but, unfortunately, without success."

We are not adding in the video of the matter as viewers descresion is advised, and will not add it into the piece as it may be triggering to some, it is available for viewing on the next page.

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