Unfortunate injury news strikes the Chicago Blackhawks

Published February 19, 2024 at 3:59 PM

In unfortunate news, Chicago Blackhawks prospect David Gust is now in concussion protocol after a recent injury.

This is tough for both Gust and the Blackhawks, as concussions can be serious for a player's health and career especially at a young age like he's at.

The details of Gust's injury aren't clear yet, but the team will do everything to keep him safe. Concussion protocol involves steps to monitor symptoms and decide when it's safe for him to play again.

Gust, a forward, likely wanted to keep improving and earn a spot on the Blackhawks' roster. But now, he'll need time off the ice to recover fully.

We hope David Gust gets better soon and returns to the ice once he's fully healed.
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Unfortunate injury news strikes the Chicago Blackhawks

If the Blackhawks didn't suffer a single injury all season, do you think they'd be in a playoff spot?

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No19673.1 %
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