TSN Insider reveals the Blackhawks nearly made franchise altering trade at draft

Joshua Deeds
June 30, 2024  (4:38 PM)

Artyom Levshunov with the Hawks
Photo credit: CHGO Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks 1st round of the NHL draft, was a boon as they selected Artyom Levshunov 2nd overall. Easily one of the best defensive prospects in the 2024 Draft class.

They would follow it up by selecting Sacha Boisvert at 18th overall, adding depth to the forward position, then later adding the 27th overall pick, Marek Vanacker from the OHL, for two 2nd-round picks.
GM Kyle Davidson in the spectrum of the Sphere, added character much needed in the Hawks lineup, with grit from Vanacker, and versatility from Boisvert.
According to TSN's Pierre LeBrun, it appeared that Kyle David was trying to jump from the middle of the 1st round at #18th overall, into the top 5 as he worked the phones vociferously, to make a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets for the #4th Overall pick.
It appears that the Blackhawks were targeting towering centerman, at 6'4" with speed and grit, Cayden Lindstrom. Which unfortunately the Blue Jackets were coveting.
Could have been fireworks at the top of the draft tonight. Hearing that the Blackhawks offered next year's 1st Rd pick, unprotected, plus another pick, in return for the fourth overall pick. Believe it came pretty close but the Blue Jackets passed. They really love Cayden Lindstrom and couldn't pass up taking him.

Despite that, the Blackhawks would miss on that trade and would still have a great 2024 Draft.
Lindstrom would've sealed the deal on an epic draft for GM Kyle Davidson, but they still got the best defenseman in the draft, a forward with comparables to Evgenii Malkin and an enforcer comparable to Andrew Shaw.
But they retained their 1st round pick in 2025 and continued to stockpile great prospects.
But to maintain continuity and success, head coach Luke Richardson needs to shift gears and go hard into a competitive outlook in order to shape his own odds. His .324 winnig percentage in 2023-2024 was the worst for the Hawks since 1955.
They're not ready for the playoffs, but they need to keep raising the bar as Kyle delivers the talent base needed.
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Chicago Blackhawks Almost Pulled Off Stunning Trade In NHL Draft
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TSN Insider reveals the Blackhawks nearly made franchise altering trade at draft

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