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Why the Blackhawks should Find Their Local M1A1 Abrams Tank and ride it

Published March 17, 2024 at 3:30 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks are currently 18-44-5 in the 2023-2024 NHL regular season.

They're last in the Central Division, below the College Arena occupying, the Arizona Coyotes.

The season is almost done and over with, and it isn't likely the team will ever compete in the playoffs, unlike the St. Louis Blues in 2019, who had a Cinderella run.


The team should look long-term and find a typical, but solid way of building the team. They should continue to draft well like Kyle Davidson is capable of.

But to do that, the team has to consider the fact they need to lose, starting tonight with the San Jose Sharks.

The Sharks have some players who are on fire currently, like Mikael Granlund who no doubt, like Connor Bedard will lead the team as a firebrand.

However, with the Blackhawks only capable of winning the draft lottery twice every 5 years, they should consider trying to win it again, by losing again.

This way, they have the best shot at picking Macklin Celebrini who is the top prospect in the 2024 NHL entry draft this season.

Currently, the San Jose Sharks have the best odds to choose Celebrini, but the Blackhawks are just below them at number 2.

A loss tonight will continue to propel their odds into picking the top spot once again.


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Why the Blackhawks should Find Their Local M1A1 Abrams Tank and ride it

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