Nikita Zaitsev puck handling.

The worst has been confirmed for this Chicago Blackhawk

Published February 24, 2024 at 8:08 PM

As players come and go, the Chicago Blackhawks injury list seems to be a page long.

Injury List, Laundry List

While some players are now healthy enough to play again, others remain on injured reserve since January.


Defenseman Nikita Zaitsev left during the 2nd period of San Jose Sharks' 2-1 shootout win on January 16th.

Zaitsev played 11 shifts with eight:46 TOI before leaving the game with an injury that will keep him sidelined into March.

March Likely

Not only did Zaitsev suffer a knee injury during the game, but he also fractured a bone.

He has since returned to the gym and progressed and will eventually return to the ice in March, according to CST's Ben Pope.

After a lengthy period of injury, Louis Crevier was recalled to stand in for the injured defenseman.

To fill the gap left by his injury, the team had to rely on call-ups and waiver claims like Jaycob Megna and Isaak Philips.
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The worst has been confirmed for this Chicago Blackhawk

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