Serious suspension and million-dollar fine alter several NHL teams' draft plans

June 19, 2024  (12:37)

2024 NHL draft board
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The IIHF has a lot of power to influence situations in professional hockey. We all know how controversial the Russian situation is with the IIHF, and how touchy relations are right now.

The IIHF has taken some moves in regards to Russian players, and their ability to to leave the KHL, which could impact the Blackhawks 2024 Draft decision.

As Frank Seravalli reported at Daily Faceoff:

«the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) levied sanctions against club CSKA Moscow, Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation after all three of those parties violated IIHF transfer agreements and had Fedotov play in the KHL while under active contract with the Flyers.»

As we all know, Fedotov's contract was tolled, while he was serving time for his situation with the Russian army. He wasn't allowed to leave Russia, while the KHL and CSKA Moscow kept him there for another year, after his detention.
According to fine's imposed, and a transfer ban on Fedotov, it seems unlikely Fedotov will be playing for the Russian National Team anytime in the future:
the IIHF reportedly «fined the Russian Federation a total of 1 million Swiss Francs, which is the equivalent of more than $1.1 million USD, or 101 million Russian rubles.» They also imposed a transfer ban for two years and poor Fedotov got the book thrown at him. I wonder if he was hurrying to represent his country internationally based on how things played out, but he won't be able to for a while.

This presents complications for the NHL and the Blackhawks, as the Flyers and the Hawks both have prospects in the KHL, which they would like to bring over in the future, such as Roman Kantserov, Illya Safonov, and if selected Ivan Demidov, who currently have KHL contracts, with term left on their deals.
The IIHF's latest ruling, it could impact a player's decision to leave in the future, along with their ability to play for their National Team, and could cause a lack of motivation to make the jump as well.
Demidov is the undisputed #2 forward prospect in the upcoming NHL Draft and Davidson will have to work the wires in order to find a way to meet the SKA St. Peterburg forward.
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Serious suspension and million-dollar fine alter several NHL teams' draft plans

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