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Connor Bedard gets honest about the citizens in Chicago

Published March 19, 2024 at 0:58

Connor Bedard is close to finishing the 1st NHL season of his career and he has spent it in Chicago.

The April 18th finale against the Los Angeles Kings is fast approaching and Bedard is getting acclimated to his new surroundings.

He has gotten to know the city, he established a base in the city with the Foligno and Raddysh families as support.


«Probably just how many restaurants there are,» Bedard said. «Every time I've talked to a new person, they give me something new. I think that's pretty funny.»

However, he was asked about how he felt about being in the city, surrounded by the Blackhawks faithful.

He would go on to compliment the fans, as he mentioned they treated him respectfully.

He has mentioned that the fans are very friendly in Chicago too, and people also help out finding new restaurants to eat at in the City.

Bedard joked that he's not exactly wearing a signed No. 98 jersey on those walks, but he's not trying to hide, either. Based on how he interacts with screaming kids at Fifth Third Arena before and after practices, he's typically happy to oblige adoring fans' requests. And he has found Chicagoans to be a generally friendly bunch.

«Here and there, I'll get a ‘hello' or something, but people are super-respectful,» he said. «That's a great thing. They're not really bugging me too much. I don't mind if someone asks for a picture or whatever, but usually it's just a ‘Hello, how are you?' sort of thing. That's been really nice.»

However, since he is on the road a lot by the time he comes home he just stays in.

But he has found the city to be welcoming and is happy to oblige screaming fans at the Fifth Third Arena in the city.

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Connor Bedard gets honest about the citizens in Chicago

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