Corey Perry in a Blackhawks uniform

The NHLPA has commenced legal action on behalf of Corey Perry

Published February 3, 2024 at 12:34
Corey Perry played for the Chicago Blackhawks for only 16 games before his contract was terminated by the organization.

The reason for the termination was an off-ice incident that is not publicly known yet.

The NHL investigated Perry's situation and later cleared him to return to the league.


He was signed by Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers shortly after.

The NHLPA and Corey Perry plan to file a grievance against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The league has given the union an extension to file the grievance against the team.

Although it is unclear what Perry did in Chicago, he believes that his contract shouldn't have been terminated.

Therefore, he is using the union to contest the termination and ban and filing a grievance before any precedence is set by Kyle Davidson and the Blackhawks.

Perry has been advised to remain silent about the grievance due to legal proceedings coached by the PA.

If he wins his grievance, he will win a good portion of his $4 Million contract back in compensation.

For the time being, Perry has done his part to seek out help with a professional counselor and has done his best to make amends for his past actions, that we know of.

For now, Perry will be eyeing the ultimate prize of Lord Stanley's Cup with the Edmonton Oilers, ascendant.
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The NHLPA has commenced legal action on behalf of Corey Perry

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