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Kyle Davidson comments on trading teams two most valuable assets

Published January 14, 2024 at 6:04 PM
During the 2023-2024 season, Petr Mrazek and Jason Dickinson have been standout players for the Chicago Blackhawks.

With Connor Bedard and Nick Foligno out, the team needs players to step up and lead, and that's exactly what Dickinson and Mrazek have done.

Despite the team not being in their best form lately, these two players have played exceptionally well.


This season has seen some bright spots with Bedard on the ice, but also with Dickinson, who earned a trip to his first NHL All-Star Game as a result of his impressive performance.

He has scored 14 goals, made 7 assists, and has racked up 21 points in 43 games played, making it a defining year in his career.

Mrazek has also been in excellent form, with 10 wins this season. He has played in 29 games and started 27, with a 3.13 GAA and a .906 SV%.

Recently, Davidson was asked about whether the team would consider moving on from Dickinson and Mrazek. He told NHL Insider Ben Pope that for the foreseeable future, if they did move on from these players, they would just be looking at them down the road as free agents.

«On one side, yes, they're playing very well and potentially could be valuable (at the deadline), and the other side, you're trying to balance a little continuity,» Davidson said. «If we were to move them, those are probably players we'll be looking at in the summer, so do you just want to cut out the middle term and just have them back? That's what we're going through right now and you're right both have been excellent. They're great pros as well. We're always looking for people with good leadership quality and professionalism. They both have that. they're making that decision difficult on us.»

Therefore, it seems that they do not want to cut out the current continuity with both players on the Blackhawks right now.

The team will not be moving on from All-Star Dickinson and reliable goalie, Mrazek.

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Kyle Davidson comments on trading teams two most valuable assets

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