Havoc unfolds following disgusting hit on Blackhawks young star

Published January 17, 2024 at 8:54 PM
In a recent hockey game, things got intense when a player, Kyle Burroughs, delivered a hard hit to Lukas Reichel, slamming him into the boards. But what happened next showed real leadership on the ice.

Without hesitating, Cole Guttman immediately jumped in to help his teammate. Guttman's quick response showed his commitment to looking out for his fellow players, demonstrating true leadership.

As a result, Burroughs got a 2-minute penalty for the hit, and Guttman got a 2-minute penalty for getting rough. Both of them also got 5-minute penalties for fighting.

After the game, Guttman explained why he fought, saying:

"We have each other's backs, and everyone would do it for one another. It kind of shows how tight we are and what we're made of."

Guttman's actions not only defended his teammate but also highlighted the camaraderie and unity within the team, showing the true spirit of hockey brotherhood.
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Havoc unfolds following disgusting hit on Blackhawks young star

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